Incredibly Beautiful 1200 Hectare Property, Lake District, Chile

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Lakes Region Real Estate, Chile.
Lake District Real Estate, Chile

This absolutely unique property is 1200 hectares of stunning, natural beauty.

The property includes:

-A mountain lake of pure, crystal clear water.
-200 Hectares of protected Chilean Araucaria forest.
-40 Hectares of grassland for 100 head of cattle (possible to expand the amount of grassland).
-Main home of 150m2 (recently earthquake tested!).
-Administration house of 75m2.
-2 workers'/guest houses.
-Solar energy panels providing electricity for the property, plus several back-up generators.
-Hot springs are suspected (but have yet to be confirmed).

The property boasts stunning views to 3 volcanoes, the Andes, lakes and pure, simple nature.

The is a huge range of possibilities for the property, including, but not limited to: Eco-tourism with lodge, horse and/or cattle farming, nature preservation, sustainable forestry or a combination of every different possibility.

The property is located in the 9th Region and is just 20 km from the local village. The international road leading to Argentina is 14 km away.

Properties of this kind rarely come onto the market in Chile. It is truly special and unique. It offers everything that Patagonia real estate in Chile has to offer but is within driving distance of Santiago and close to the major Chilean city of Temuco.

Price: 4 million Euros (+/-us$5.4 million).

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