Excellent Working Farm With Significant Water Rights, Colchagua Valley

Property Location
Poblacion, Colchagua Valley
$ (+/-US$2.1 million)
2.5% + tax
Total Property Size
59 Hectares
18 hectares of apples
20 hectares of table grapes
12 hectares of blueberries
Irrigation System
Drip irrigation throughout
Registered Water Rights & Resources
Canal rights
Deep well of 45 litres per second
Large reservoir
Warehousing & Packing
Workers’ housing

Excellent working and highly productive farm with extensive water rights. In this area of Colchagua, each litre per second of water is valued at over us$10,000 and the property has twice as many rights than actually required, meaning that a significant proportion of the property value could be recouped by selling the excess rights if so desired.

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